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The Dallas Red Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on providing financial support to organizations in the North Texas area that educate, communicate and provide services to our communities and individuals affected by HIV/AIDS.

Founded in 2009, The Dallas Red Foundation has provided over $300,000 to organizations that support our community in a variety of different ways. After all these years, the mission remains the same: provide financial support for organizations that serve those affected by HIV/AIDS in the North Texas area while promoting awareness and education to our community and beyond.

In 2018, Dallas Red Foundation emerged as a prominent leader in the community in education and awareness around HIV and general health, creating REDucate. Through REDucate, Dallas Red Foundation hosts regular outreach events and partnership endeavors, focusing on informing the public about HIV history, advancements in treatment, addressing HIV stigma, and creating an open dialogue around other health risks facing many disenfranchised demographics.

Did You Know

In 2015, it was estimated that about 16,000 people were living with HIV/AIDS in Dallas County with 780 new diagnoses, representing an increase of 62% over 10 years.


Men represented 82% of new HIV diagnoses


African Americans represented 49% of new HIV diagnoses


Men who have sex with men represented 74% of new HIV Diagnoses

Courtesy of the Dallas County Health and Human Services