Dallas, Texas (January 08, 2019) – Dallas Red Foundation, a Dallas-based HIV awareness and services non-profit organization, is pleased to announce that it has made distributions in the amount of $73,350.13 to local HIV & AIDS service organizations. These funds will be instrumental to providing critical services to members of our North Texas community who are affected by HIV & AIDS and increasing awareness to others to eradicate any stigma associated with the silent epidemic.

“This year, as an organization, we decided to really focus our efforts on increasing awareness about HIV,” Dallas Red Foundation President, Josh Lara said, “Not just about the virus, itself, but also about the stigma surrounding it and the medical advances and measures that are now available to prevent contraction. We wanted to be proactive in our efforts in stopping the spread of the virus. With that in mind, we made an absolute effort to support organizations that provided these preventative options like Resource Center of Dallas and their PrEP program, in which pre-exposure HIV medication is available to those in need for free or at a reduced cost; even for those without medical insurance.”

Resource Center CEO Cece Cox says, “We are thankful for the support of Dallas Red Foundation, with both their financial gifts as well as volunteer support and engagement in Center activities. The funds they raise help Resource Center provide vital services to individuals living with HIV and the LGBTQ community. We are grateful!”

Dallas Red Foundation gave over $50,000 to Legacy Counseling Center, its long-time beneficiary, which specializes in providing counseling, housing and hospice services for individuals living with HIV & AIDS. The funds will serve to support the organization’s day-to-day services and, more specifically, its Grace Project, which seeks to encourage hope and hold families together through a supportive net of services including mental health counseling, substance abuse treatment, support building and education to women, who are the fastest growing population of new HIV infections.

Melissa Grove, Executive Director of Legacy Counseling Center, says, “Legacy Counseling Center is so thrilled and humbled to receive these essential funds to better serve our clients. Each year, Dallas Red Foundation works tirelessly to help our clients achieve success, and they are actively saving lives every day through their actions, both fundraising and volunteering. We are honored to be associated with Dallas Red Foundation and the spirit in which they serve the community.”

Other organizations receiving funds from Dallas Red Foundation were Arttitude and AIN.

About Dallas Red Foundation

Dallas Red Foundation is a Dallas-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on providing financial support to organizations in the North Texas area that educate, communicate and provide services to our communities and individuals affected by HIV. The organization has given more than $320,000 to local HIV service organizations in its 10-year history. For more information please visit


Name: Brandon Willingham
Date: 01/05/2019